Full Range of Services

Our vehicles services department does anything from light truck maintenance and inspection to complete engine overhauls. Whether it’s a small repair or custom fabrication work, we are here to service your vehicle’s needs.

Diamond Lube Oil and Filter Service

We use only the highest quality fluids and filters for all of our Lube oil and filter services. All of our oil changes are performed by highly trained BD technicians and all vehicles receive a complimentary 25 point inspection.

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Driveline Services

Drive shafts, differentials, u-joints, and support bearings are all critical components to your Drivetrain. We are able to service all aspects to keep your ride smooth.

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Diesel Fuel Injector Service

Complete diagnostic, maintenance and repair of all fuel delivery systems in your vehicle.  We have state of the art test equipment and we use only the highest quality replacement filters and parts to ensure that your vehicle operates under optimal conditions.

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Air Filter Service

Routinely maintaining your air filter ensures your vehicle is able to breath and operate as intended. We carry S&B cold air intake upgrades for increased performance.

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Brake Service

The most critical safety system of any vehicle, brakes require regular service and maintenance to ensure they are operating correctly. From brake fluid flush and caliper services to replacing pads, rotors and calipers we have you covered.

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Cooling System Flush

Antifreeze Coolant should be tested at least every two years due to potential for oxidation and deterioration of important additives. We are able to test your coolant and perform an exchange as required to ensure your engine has the protection required for all seasons.

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Transmission Service

From fluid and filter changes, to line pressure enhancers, to complete transmission exchanges, we know how to move the power from the engine to the wheels and keep your vehicle moving. We remove the transmission pan on every service to inspect for wear and debris and adjust bands where applicable.

Fleet Services

BD owns and operates a fleet of vehicles and understands the importance of keeping your fleet moving, reliably and efficiently.  Our fleet customers are given a special labour rate and priority booking to keep down time to an absolute minimum.

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Exhaust System Service

We not only maintain and replace exhaust systems, but BD also designs and manufactures industry leading after-market components. From manifolds, to After treatment systems, to exhaust tips and everything in between we have you covered.

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Dyno Services

We are very fortunate to have a Mustang dynameter in house to assist with diagnostics, drivability, horsepower testing and vehicle tuning services. This unique tool allows us to fine-tune your vehicle to precise parameters that would be nearly impossible otherwise.

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Exhaust Brakes

Sometimes going fast is not the goal. BD is an industry leader in exhaust brake technology. As such we have several Exhaust brake options and the expertise to match them to your hauling needs. Let us help keep you and your load under control on the notoriously hilly terrain of BC or wherever your travels take you.

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Make your ride stand out. From lift kits, bumpers and winches, off road lighting, extended range fuel tanks, and everything in between. We have the contacts to allow you to completely customize your vehicle to meet your unique needs.

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