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Quality Products

Ford 7.3L Power Stroke Kits

Reduce heat build-up and increases durability

6.0L Engine

Engine rebuilds

5.9L Super B Twin Turbos

Complete kits available with or without polished compressor housing on top turbocharger

Throttle Sensitivity Booster

Reduce that laggy pedal feeling for snappier in-town driving performance

Adjustable Track Bars

Exclusive black Chromate coating, doesn't flake and protects threads from seizing

Transmission Oil Coolers

BD's technoloy provides 22% more cooling over other designs. Install yours today


Increase the durability of your drivetrain with a BD transmission

6.4L UpPipes & Manifolds Kit

Built to last and designed for the most optimal flow performance

Xtruded Charge Air Cooler

Extra thick cast end tanks with support struts have long life without ballooning and cracking

Injection Pumps

Quality remanufactured injection pumps and injectors

Diesel Exhaust Brakes

There's a reason why BD's Brake is the most widely recognized brake in the industry


Increase your horsepower