Quality Diesel Truck Products

Diesel truck cold air intake

S&B Cold Air Intake

Warranty approved cold air intakes to improve engine performance

6.7l turbo Cummins

Diesel Engine Products

Engine upgrades, repair and replacement

Screamer turbo upgrade

BD Screamer Turbocharger

Stock appearing, performance chargers for Dodge, Ford and GM Trucks

Throttle sensitivity booster

Throttle Sensitivity Booster

Reduce that laggy pedal feeling for snappier in-town driving performance.

Adjustable Track Bars

Adjustable Track Bars

Exclusive black Chromate coating, doesn’t flake and protects threads from seizing.

Transmission Oil Coolers

Transmission Oil Coolers

BD’s technology provides 22% more cooling over other designs. Install yours today.



Increase the durability of your drivetrain with a BD transmission.

6.4L UpPipes & Manifolds Kit

UpPipes & Manifolds

Built to last and designed for the most optimal flow performance.

Xtruded Charge Air Cooler

Xtruded Charge Air Cooler

Extra thick cast end tanks with support struts have a long life without ballooning and cracking.

max fuel flow with filter and separator

Flow-Max Lift Pump

Get the fuel needed to your injection pump to get the best performance out of your truck

Diesel Exhaust Brakes

Diesel Exhaust Brakes

There’s a reason why BD’s Brake is the most widely recognized brake in the industry.

digital dash for trucks


Take control of your trucks performance and make it your own.

Plug in mouse blocker pro

Mouse Blocker

Protect your vehicle from costly repairs caused by rodent damage

Diesel truck supplies

Diesel Fuel Additive

Protect your fuel system from premature wear

PAS systems for trucks

Emergency Engine Shut Down

Protect your engine from failure cause by “runaway”  A must for many work site trucks and diesel powered machinery

BD diesel power kits

Performance Turbochargers

We have many options for dramatic increases in horsepower with turbo kits for all makes and models

Turn off engine start and stop for diesel trucks

Engine Start/Stop Disable

Eliminates the factory start/stop feature on new model F150 and Expedition vehicles.

SBS parts

Dodge Steering Box Stabilizer

BD’s Steering Box Stabilizer (SBS) eliminates steering wander and wobble caused by excessive shaft play in the steering box of late-model Dodge trucks

diff case for diesel trucks

Differential Covers

Stylish and functional.  Our diff covers keep oil against the gears, increase cooling, and catch metallic debris using a magnetic drain plug.

bd transmission pan for diesel trucks

Deep Sump Transmission Pan

Increased fluid capacity and heat dissipation contributes to better transmission longevity

injection system upgrade

Fuel Injection Pumps

From stock replacement pumps to dual fuelers we can deliver the fuel needed for your horsepower needs.

Titan fuel tanks logo

Extended Range Fuel Tanks

Longer range and few stop means you get to your destination sooner.

BD cat converter for diesel trucks

DPF Replacement

From DPF cleaning to Performance DPF replacement we keep your truck out of limp mode.

BD exhaust for diesel trucks

Exhaust Systems

A complete line of exhaust systems for Dodge, Ford and GMC pickups

Trust Our Products

BD Diesel Truck Service Performance Center and sister company BD Diesel Performance have been serving the lower mainland, Western Canada and the United States from our location in Abbotsford since 1972. Our factory trained technicians can service all of your automotive, commercial, agriculture and industrial diesel pumps and injectors as well as automotive gas injectors.

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