Details / 2008 Ford 6.4L

  • Client: 2008 Ford 6.4L
  • Date: 2015-2016

For this project, we removed the current BD Diesel turbochargers because our customer had exceeded 600 rear wheel horsepower. We fabricated a custom set of twin Turbos to support up to 850 rear wheel horsepower. The BD Turbos worked well for him up to 600 rear wheel horsepower but once we added extra fueling through bigger Injectors and an Injection Pump was installed, we reached the limit of his Turbos. BD Truck Service Center, with the help of BD’s Turbo Experts, is in the process of determining the correct combination of turbos to give him on road drivability as well as reach his target horsepower.
It was an exciting challenge to custom fab all the necessary hot and cold pipes that were needed as well as oil supplies and drains.

While doing the custom fab, we installed bungs for water meth and massive nitrous express system capable of up to 500 additional HP. The customer removed the engine completely and tore it down to build it strong. The block was sent out to DFC engines where it was treated to the very best of everything as far as internals. An additional K16 dual fueler was added as well as a Fass 260 and some 100% over injectors. With many hours of final set up and tuning, the result was a goal beating 877RWHP on fuel and a truck that is as well mannered and drivable as the day it rolled off the showroom floor. Stay tuned for the results when the customer comes in to dyno with the Nitrous and the new tune.


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